Using the platform

As infrastructure providers, we’re here to make sure there’s enough power to get what you want to do done. There are many ways to interact with the infrastructure, such as command-line interfaces, REST API’s and web-based services. There is no catch-all “correct” way, and you may need to experiment a bit to find the best method for your project(s).

Identity and Authentication

The Africa-Arabia ROC operates a federation of resources across several institutes. Access to them requires a global identity. While you may have a single user a In order to execute applications and store data on the grid, you'll need a context. This is provided through an identity provider and an authorisation :
  • Identity or Authentication is provided by a personal X.509 digital certificate issued to you by a recognosed Certificate Authority. Identities provided by federated identity providers are also accepted by certain services.
  • Permissions or Authorisation are generally provided by your role in a Virtual Organisation but can also be determined on a service-by-service basis.

Getting Started

In order to provide transparent access to these, we allow central registration via the Perun service. If you're a new user, and you'd like to start using the grid, sign up to the Catch-All VO for the region. This will give you access to the user interfaces, and identify you to various services.
Sign up using Perun

Register using Perun

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See all VOs in the operations portal

More on Authentication and Authorisation

More on Authentication and Authorisation


Maintaining interoperability between the various sites requires a special layer of software called Middleware. Middleware makes the distributed and complicated nature of a distributed infrastructure like AfricaGrid transparent to users and applications. User interaction with the middelware is usually done rarely, on command-line based user interfaces, and is enturely hidden with the use of Science Gateways. The Unified Middleware Distribution packages the middleware components of several providers (ARC, dCache, gLite and Globus)
In order to execute applications and store data on the grid, you'll need a *context*. This is provided through an *identity* provider and an *authorisation*.
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Science Gateways

We offer access to several Science Gateways. These are easy-to-use web interfaces to predefined applications. Most of them are based on the Catania Science Gateway Framework, and rely on standards-based technologies :
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Wanna drive stick ?

Most of our sites provide EMI middleware interfaces, particularly gLite. If you would like to use the command-line interfaces to these, take a look at the tutorial
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