"... Necessity is the mother of invention..."

We’ve built something usable, but will it last ? Never ones to rest on our laurels, are always working to develop new ideas and requests into usable services. We identify projects as semi-mature blocks of work which require consistent, knowledgeable development in order to take them from idea to service. They are larger bodies of work than our campaigns and represent to some extent research and development. Sometimes they are done in the context of University Master of Honours projects, while others are done in the context of international research projects.

We are always on the look out for collaborators, so if one of these projects hits you in the sweet spot, why not get in touch and collaborate. Almost all projects are published via Zenodo and collaborators are included as authors.

“If only…” Hey, we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas, but we do want to build an infrastructure that can support them. If you have such a good idea and would like to implement it or even just try something out, why not propose a project - please feel free !

The projects we are currently working on include :

Executable Infrastructure

DevOps tools for automatically deploying high-quality, integrated services

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Automated Continuous Integration and Delivery of Research Applications

DPM Ansible Role

DPM is a common storage service used on the grid. Configuration of DPM is by default done with Puppet. While we think this is cool (hey, it's not YAIM, right !), we'd like our sites to not have to rely on a single configuration tool. An Ansible role will be made.
The projects we are currently working on include :

Resilient Infrastructure

What if robots could fix common problems before humans had to worry about them ?