AfricaArabia ROC Campaigns

Operations Campaigns are medium-term projects which are conducted as needed, when there is a request from EGI, an ROC site or a user community, which requires coordinated action at most or all sites. Campaigns should have a leader, who is responsible for getting sites to stick to a schedule or taking action; campaigns are also time-limited, meaning that they have to have a start and an end. They differ from projects in their

  • Scope: Campaigns are usually of very limited scope, addressing a single focussed aspect of site services
  • Impact on sites: Campaigns should affect all sites, hence the need for coordinated action
  • Interested parties: Campaigns affect only the operations team

While this is just another way of doing what we’ve always been doing, it gives some more visibility to important ROC-wide tasks and allows clearer delegation of tasks. Also, it will allow us to report better to supporting projects such as well as relying parties like Campaigns are documented on the Github wiki pages of the AAROC DevOps repo.

Operations Campaigns

Name Leader State Period
BioMed VO support Sean Murray (CHPC) in progress 08/08/2016 - 15/09/2016
Core Services Failover Bouchra Rahim (CNRST) ended 15/12/2014 - 23/12/2014
CVMFS Bruce Becker (CSIR) ended 01/08/2014 - 28/02/2016
ARGUS AuthN/Z Bruce Becker (CSIR) ended 04/08/2014 - 15/08/2015
APEL Accounting Bouchra Rahim (CNRST) ended 11/08/2014 - 20/08/2014