Something strange happened a while back - although GCC builds were Build Status and the repository transaction was working, the actual compilers weren’t showing up on the repository. There just wasn’t any gcc binary in the usual places.

Now, this is very wierd, because functional tests are run on the compilers before they are shipped - so my suspicion was aroused. The initial investigation pointed to something going wrong in the delivery part rather than the integration part.

Even after re-shipping the build artefacts, this was the case - I triggered the shipit job, to synchronise the gcc artefacts in the repo, then waited for the transaction complete. –

On my laptop :

cat /cvmfs/
FR3 Build 158 triggered by gcc
module avail gcc

------------------------------------------------------------- /cvmfs/ --------------------------------------------------------------
gcc/4.9.2 gcc/4.9.4 gcc/5.4.0 gcc/6.3.0

becker@serbaggio:~/SAGrid-2.0/hdf5-deploy/netcdf-4.3.2/build$ module add gcc/6.3.0
becker@serbaggio:~/SAGrid-2.0/hdf5-deploy/netcdf-4.3.2/build$ which gcc

becker@serbaggio:~/SAGrid-2.0/hdf5-deploy/netcdf-4.3.2/build$ ls $GCC_DIR/bin
aot-compile gappletviewer gcj-dbtool gcov gij gjarsigner gkeytool go gorbd grmid gserialver jcf-dump rebuild-gcj-db cpp gc-analyze gcjh gcov-tool gjar gjavah gnative2ascii gofmt grmic grmiregistry gtnameserv jv-convert

No gcc !? 🤔

Turns out this was due to a previous hack which we had to include in the repository transaction step of the pipeline, which removed hard links. Previous versions of the CVMFS server could not handle hard links (at least this was the case when FR3 was built).

Guess what : the GCC binaries are hardlinked into $GCC_DIR/bin from various places - so these were getting removed in the course of the repository transaction !

This has now been fixed :

module list
Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
1) ncurses/6.0 3) mpfr/3.1.5 5) gcc/6.3.0 7) openmpi/1.8.8-gcc-6.3.0
2) gmp/6.1.0 4) mpc/1.0.3 6) torque/2.5.13-gcc-6.3.0 8) hdf5/1.8.16-gcc-6.3.0-mpi-1.8.8
becker@serbaggio:~/SAGrid-2.0/hdf5-deploy/netcdf-4.3.2/build$ which gcc

Time to build us some netcdf !