Preparation Checklists


Be prepared

- Scout motto.

Warm up

In order to participate in the hackfest, you will need to do some preliminary tasks. These are basic things which you likely already have, and will need later in order to collaborate and continue to contribute to both your own project and the wider community. You must complete this checklist before coming to the hackfest in Lagos


On your marks

These may include completing some of the short prerequisite courses that we think are necessary to work on the projects, as well as to ensure that we have a common grounding. The prerequisites are elective, so if you think you already have the skills that these courses provide, feel free to skip them.


Get Set

Once you have set up your development environment and brushed up on your skills, why not take some time to do background reading on the hackfest. These are elective but will help a lot in order to shape your questions and plans.


Go !

You’re all good. Time to get hacking !

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